Emanuel Vahl

Emanuel VAHL was born in Odessa (Ukraine) in 1938.
After ending his musical studies at the Stoliarsky Conservatory in Odessa and the Music Academy in Moscow, he started to compose for all kind of instruments and ensembles. So far, he composed more than 100 opus!
In 1990, He made his Aliya to Israel.
He teached Harmony and Composition at the Conservatory "Hasadna" in Jerusalem, and now he teaches at the Dance Studio of Jerusalem.

Member of the Union of israeli Composers and AQUM since 1991, he wrote:

-2 Symphonys for a Symphonic Orchestra (Symphony n.1 "Peace for your home", Symphony n.2 "Russian"),

-2 Symphoniettas for a String Chamber Orchestra (Symphonietta n.1 "Russian" for string orchestra, Symphonietta n.2 "Israelit" for symphony orchestra),

-25 Sonatas for all kind of solo instruments and with piano: Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrebass, Flute, Clarinett, Trumpett, Harp, Guitar, Marimba, Piano, Organ and Sopran solo,

-5 Suites for Piano,

-Suite for Oboe and Piano,

-Suite for Horn (Trombone or Trumpet) and Piano,

-Suite for two Cellos (2 Violas, 2 Violins, Violin and Viola, Violin and Cello, Viola and Cello)

-Jewish Suite for Strings,

These Suites were performed at the Festival "Sounds of the Desert" in 2004.

-"Jewish Sonata" for Guitar,

-Suite for Guitar (who has been printed in QUEBEC, CANADA) in 2003,

-Trio for Recorders,

-"Jewish Piano Trio",

-String Quartet,

-String Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Contrabass,

-Saxophone Quartet,

-Jewish Rhapsody and "Hazanut" for Saxophone Quartett,

-Jewish Ballade for Saxophone Octett,

-"Jewish Piano Sextet for Wind Intruments Quintet and piano,

-Missa for a mixed Choir,

-"Adon Olam", "Mode Ani Lefaneykha", "Hine Ma Tov" for a mixed Choir,

-Suites for Children Choir,

-Pieces of Hazanut for Voice and Piano: "Shema Israel", "Sim Shalom", "Halleluya", "Siman Tov", "Im Ta'hane Alay Ma'hane", "Eley Barekhev", "Isme'hu Bemalkhutekha",

-Mediterranean Dances for Piano Trio

-And a lot of Children Songs.

Emanuel VAHL organized 26 concerts with his own compositions at the Cultural Center "Hebrew Union College" in Jerusalem, the "Bnai-Brith" organization, Conservatory "Hasadna" in Jerusalem and the "Blumenthal Library" in Tel-Aviv together with the composer Sara FAYGIN.